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In an unknown time in the world, A mind-changing disease takes over the lives of normal-day people as America's warriors return from war. Seeing the hidden poison in people, David Walter, a 26 year old Squad leader must survive through the rough times of the era. Before the apocalypse turns into an Blood Zone. Chapter 1 is in works

Sora 'Noel' Kye

Hmh..... Quite a nice setting I have to say. Some terrorist activity in Japan and some more mystery things like people being aggressive. Although only halfway of chapter 1, I could see potential in this story. Keep up the good work!

Every beginner authors always make mistakes but it's good to point them out so they become a better one.
It seems like you been lacking references as what I had been read.
Unknown time, yeah. But, judging by the appearance of SDF and AK-47, this probably took part in the late 20th until 21st century period.
You know who is SDF? It was the name for the Japanese troop and, they are no troop after the end of World War 2. They were just homeland safeguard personnel, that's all. You could call them 'troop' or much more better, 'soldier', but safety or SDF personnels sounds much more suitable for them. For some of them, they don't like someone calling them 'soldier' since that call scraped their pride as a SDF member.
Judging by the way you say 'American's warriors return from war' in this modern period, I must say it might be after the Gulf War or Iraqi War.
AK-47 assault rifle was popular, I know. But, US Army personnel were commonly issued with M16 assault rifles or M4 carbine/assault rifles. AK-47 was not produced in America neither any arming for any personnels. Soldiers were not permitted to loot enemies' rifles either as it will hinder supply effort between mates. For the SDF, they will be armed with Howa Type 64 or 89 assault rifles.
Squad leader was not suitable, better off with Sergeant.
Soldiers' standard procedure on patrolling usually include their main weapon, which is their guns, should be stick around them at all time, even sleeping. Offing mean offence.
Black to green camouflage uniforms? Better off with ACU (Army Combat Uniform) or BDU (Battle Dress Uniform).
Hope 'ya can correct your mistake. Commenttri1
08/11 07:11 Love It 0


The only reason why Blood Zone does not have a time-line is for two reason. This is suppose to be a partial futuristic and modern day type show. But I haven't gotten to that yet. And my friend said that If I give like an actual date like 1998 it would be to predictable.

Thanks for telling my mistakes. Some people never do that. If you want to know I'm still doing research up on world wars and etc. As of right now this story is BETA and on Hiatus.

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