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Original Title
Chapter 12: Sorry Part II
Simplified Chinese
Sina: What's good, homies?

Valtr: S-Sina?! Is that you? For real?! I missed you soooooo much, I can't stand it! What did that bastard Lucius do to you–

Sina: Hellllll nah! (takes off wig and white dress, appears to be Plis)

Toki: Plis, that was you?

Valtr: Don't joke with me like that! Dammit, I'm really sensitive to these types of situations!

Plis: Oh, now I see that you looooovvveee Sina…

Valtr: We all love her, dumbass!

Toki: (teasingly) But you love her more; you wanna get your monster in that mmmm! Eh!

Valtr: I swear, if I had a baseball bat right now–

Quir: Here you go. (gives him a bat and quietly backs away)

Valtr: Oh yeah! You bastards better run or else I'm gonna–

Plis: Watch your language! People of all ages are reading this!

Valtr: Man, I don't give a fuck! Oh, I know… you wanna get it, right?

Plis: Huh?

Valtr: You wanna get hit first, huh?

Plis: N-No! Somebody save me! Ayuda me, por favor! (starts running)

Valtr: (sprints after him like mad) Get back here or else I'll shove this bat up your—
[Toki's POV]

"So Raki's still not awake, huh? Maybe I should hide her in the closet until she does," I said to myself quietly. I placed my hand on my chin and got up. "Ah. She won't be able to breathe in there!. Oh, I can kick her under the bed and place her sideways… Yea, that's good."

I held her body and hoisted it up onto the bed.

I made a face and looked at Raki's pale skin. "Something's wrong here… seriously wrong."

The door crashed down to the ground in shambles and I flinched. "Yo, Tokiya, I got the email you sent me– oh shit, sorry about that…" Valtr looked down and moved away nervously.

"Why the hell did you have to break my door? All you had to do was knock on the door, I wouldn't open it, and then you could open it yourself!"

"Geez, sorry dude; I'll order a replacement in, let's say… two days," Valtr suggested.

I put my hand to my face and sighed playfully. "I don't want some strange pedophile walking through and saying,&nbsp;'Hey little boy. Do you want your previous hole to be tamed?'"

Valtr laughed at the latter's attempt at a pedophile voice and made his way inside stealthily after kicking the remains of the door aside. "So about what you told me about Raki…"
"It's true," I said as I sat down on the bed. "She won't wake up after that strange incident. I don't know what happened, but I think I have a clue." With a slight frown on my face, I used my powers to instantly repair the door, a blue aura hooking it back onto the hinges.

"Before you say that, how many days has she been asleep?"


"I mean Twig," Valtr corrected quickly with a slight tint of red on his face.

I grinned. "About a few days."

Valtr's eyes literally popped out of their sockets. "A FEW DAYS?! So you decided to keep her a secret from us for&nbsp;a few days? That's low, man. Very low."

"What? It's not my fault that I forgot about it with all the commotion that was going on," I muttered.

The blunette sat next to me and made a pondering face, then he asked, "Are you planning to inform the leader of the Dartx about this? They're very knowledgeable, as you can see they saved my pet rabbit from a disease that I knew absolutely nothing about."

I shook my head slowly and began to take off Raki's sweater and shoes. "No. I want to keep this a secret between us. You and me. Yo y tú. Comprende?"

"What about Plis and Quir? Don't they deserve to know too?"

"If I say that I want this to be a secret between you and me, it's&nbsp;going&nbsp;to be a secret between–"

Valtr made a satisfied expression and put his palms near his face. "Fine, fine, you don't have to be so stingy about it." He looked around for a sec until his eyes found what I was doing, then he shivered. "Dude, what the heck's your problem?! Why are you undressing her in front of my pure innocent eyes? Wait, don't mind that; why are you doing it in the first place? Come on, Tokiya!"
I shrugged and lifted Raki's body up into my arms. "I'm just going to give her a shower. She's filthy."

"Okay, but still… she's naked! How can you look at her parts like that, you damned pervert?"

"Who said I'm looking at them? I fixed my eyes to Faded, so they're blurred out."


"Completely," I added on, sighing. I was about to head out when I heard a surprise knock on the door. Valtr and I made sudden eye contact, panic showing on our faces. "Quick, hide her under the bed and don't make any noise while I go out the back window," he planned in a whisper.

"THERE'S ONLY ONE WINDOW," I whispered loudly.

"JUST SHUT UP AND LET'S GO!" Valtr retorted. We both nodded simultaneously and I placed Raki under the bed as Valtr quickly dragged himself out the window. I soon heard a muffled crash and a yelp. "Oh, Valtr…"

There was another knock, more rushed this time. "You can come in," I announced as I literally flew to my desk, snatched my laptop and sat on the bed, pretending that I was busy.

The door opened and Quir poked his head inside. "Are you okay? I thought I heard some noise coming from inside here."

"Nah, I'm fine. I'm just trying to, uh, fix my computer since it's not turning on, but it won't work," I stuttered.

The redhead put a hand on his chin and thought. "Got an idea! Let Plis handle it, he's very good with technology," he suggested.

'Dang,'&nbsp;I cursed mentally. My eyes lit up as the laptop screen glowed blue and made the welcome tune. "Well, what do you know? It turned on! I guess your presence does make anything&nbsp;"turned on", huh?"

Quir and I laughed at my pun. I felt Valtr's golden stare drilling through the back of my head. The redhead looked at his watch and waved at me. "Sorry, but I have to go help Plis carry his electronic replacements up to his room. They all broke on the same day… somehow. Well, see ya in a bit, Tokiya."

I smiled and waved back at him. "See you at dinner."

I watched as Quir marched through the doorway, turn to the left and disappeared.
Valtr climbed back through the window covered in leaves, hitting his head on the mahogany table. He fell, brushed the leaves off, and walked towards me. I took Raki back out and noticed that she was sweating madly. "Which bathroom do you think I should use so I don't get caught?" I asked.

The blunette put a finger to his head and tapped his foot. "Lightbulb! If I remember correctly, there is supposed to be a bathroom downstairs near the leader of the Dartx's office and it's off-limits as of now."

My jaw almost dropped. "Are you crazy?! Near the leader's office? How am I&nbsp;not&nbsp;going to get caught doing that and it's way too risky!"

Valtr sat on a chair and folded his arms. "Do you want to get busted with a naked girl strapped behind your back and just say,&nbsp;'Oh, I'm going to give her a shower in the garden'?"

"Fine. Under one condition though. If I get caught, you have to take responsibility and give me forty dollars," I scoffed, patting my pockets.

"Agh, deal!"

I took a large garbage bag out of my closet, poked a few air holes, stuffed Raki's body inside, and slung it on my shoulder. And yes, my eyes were still on Faded.

We stepped out of the room and closed the door behind us. "Let's go," I said.

"Not yet," Valtr mumbled, walking to the right instead of the left. "Wait for me; I'll be right back in a sec or two."

I nodded. A few minutes later, Valtr arrived with a blue backpack… on his back. By the way it looked, I could tell it had more stuff than we actually needed for this mission. He put his favorite Blue Socks baseball cap on and stood with pride.

I took my keys out of my sweater pocket and locked the door with high security. All the keyholes. I readjusted my own load for my comfort and looked both ways. Valtr nodded in conformation as for nobody was in the hallway and the staircase.
"Let's make this quick. We've got three hours until dinner, so we'll probably make it in time," I planned out.

"'Probably'? Dude, what's so hard about going somewhere, doing something, and then coming back? Of course we'll make it back!"

I rolled my eyes and took a step forward. "You ready?"

Valtr sucked his teeth. "Always ready when you need me ready."

I smirked and patted his back. "It's okay, Valtr. We all know that you want to see–"

"Shut it, buster!" the blunette spat, lightly punching me on my arm.

"Let's roll out!" we both shouted.
Me: I'm so tired… I can't take all these trips.

Quir: Me too; carrying Plis' replacements upstairs almost broke my back!

Plis: I'm going to bed. Goodnight guys!

Quir: Ah, wait! Can I sleep in your bed tonight?

Plis: (turns into stone) W-Why?

Quir: It's a long story and you don't wanna hear it, trust me.

Plis: (turns back to normal) Fine, but tonight only. (Scoots over, Quir squeezes in)

Quir: Kou-chan, do we have any lines to memorize over the weekend?

Me: (hesitates) No, I'll give you guys a break. I think I should take a break too.

Quir: (yawns and lays down) Yay! Goodnight, Plis.

Plis: (snores)

Me: Goodnight, guys. Enjoy your weekend off.

Quir: (slurs and closes eyes) Goodnight, Kou-chan…

Me: (laughs quietly and tiptoes into room) Have a nice weekend, dear readers! (sleeps)
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