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Chapter 13: Shower Or Die Tryin'
Simplified Chinese
Me: Plis, would you mind doing the honors?

Plis: I'm gonna need an extra paycheck for doing&nbsp;your&nbsp;part of the fourth wall.

Me: Fine, fine.

Plis: (takes a deep breath) As you saw in the previous chapter, it was in Toki's point of view–

Toki: (peace sign) Sup?

Plis: (glares at him) Nonetheless, the story will continue to be told in his point of view until Raki– well, you know what, already. Also, this story is still in first person, so if you were going to ask about that–

Me: (grits teeth) Don't bother.

Plis: And that's it! Where's my paycheck, bro?

Me: At the end of the show, for Pete's sake! (Sighs and walks out)
[Toki's POV]

Valtr and I pranced quietly and skillfully around the Dartx complex. I don't know how, but we wasted about an hour wandering around. Time was of the essence, I thought.

"Where do we go next?" I whispered.

Valtr hesitated for a while, his eyes scanning the large hallway we were in now. "Turn left and go down a long flight of stairs near Haruka's room. Be sure not to make any noise and or else we'll be sure to get busted," he deadpanned.

I made a face and we began walking straight until we reached the left turn. I was about to step forward when I heard something vibrate. "What is that?"

Valtr sucked his teeth and took out his phone. "It's just my alarm. I forgot to set it off after I woke up early this morning."

I rolled my eyes and continued walking, occasionally fixing the load that I was carrying. "Raki sure is heavier than I thought," I breathed, pushing a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

Valtr glared at me for a second and then announced, "Pick up the pace, we dead can't slack or else–"

"Hold up, who said&nbsp;you&nbsp;could be captain?" I jutted in.

"No one did, so I gave myself a special invitation and got the job for free of charge."

I shook my head and marched to where the flight of stairs stood. I squinted my head in confusion. "How can we&nbsp;not&nbsp;make any noise while trying to down these steps? They're huge!"

"By not going down them at all," Valtr laughed. He outstretched his right hand and chanted, "Kirin: Transfer."

Suddenly, I felt my feet lift off the ground and something invisible grabbed my legs. I felt my stomach churn and resisted the urge to vomit. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, shit!" The invisible hands whirled me around in the air until it tossed me and I soared above the stairs, landing at the bottom. "Oh, crap, my head," I groaned, rubbing the back of my head.

I staggered to my feet and opened my eyes. All of a sudden, something dark hovered over me. "What the– Raki!" I jumped up and captured the bag that contained Raki's body in my arms skillfully.

Valtr appeared next to me and grinned. "Just so you know, I threw her over to you during the swing. Gotta practice gymnastics for the circus next year! I signed you up!"

My eyes widened. "You did&nbsp;what?!&nbsp;Look man, I told you already! Even if my great godfather was the best juggler in Xlomia history, it doesn't mean that I have to be one–"

Valtr put his index finger to his lips and I immediately shut up. "Someone's coming," he said in a low voice.

He was right. I adjusted my hearing to Max Focus and I closed my eyes. In a few seconds, I heard footsteps approaching. Directly headed in our direction. "Go, go!" I whispered loudly.

We dashed to the nearest palm tree and hid behind it. "Aren't we forgetting something?" Valtr asked. I thought for a second and then mentally screamed. "Ah! We forgot Raki out there!" I panicked and began to sprint in the opposite direction, but Valtr frantically pulled me back by my sweater.&nbsp;

I looked at him in the eye long enough to show him that it was now or never. The footsteps had stopped.

"Fine," he agreed. "Do NOT get caught or else I'm leaving you here."

I rolled my eyes and then nodded. I took a deep breath and sprawled myself on the velvet carpeted ground. I inched my way to the apparently oversized large bag, making sure to keep my fingers hidden. The footsteps resumed and my heart skipped a beat. I turned around and scrambled my way back, putting my hands on Valtr's shoes. "I can't do it!" I cried, fake tears spewing from my eyes.

Valtr shoved me away and he crouched down low to the ground, taking the position that I was once in. "Watch and learn, fool." I rolled my eyes and backed up.&nbsp;

A few seconds later, Valtr turned his head around and made a face full of disbelief. "Wait a minute. I don't even like Twig, even as a person. Why the hell am I doing this again?"

I shrugged my shoulders and shooed him away. He sighed and began to make his way forward once the footsteps ceased. Every inch he moved my heart grew tighter and tighter. As I looked up, I sighed in relief as Valtr reached the bag. All he had to was reach out his hand and we would be back on track to completing our strange mission.&nbsp;

Suddenly, more footsteps were coming from the left and right.&nbsp;
'Oh no,'
&nbsp;I thought. I had to warn Valtr— wait a second. What was so scary about doing this? I mean, we&nbsp;are&nbsp;just going to take a girl a shower in the– oh, I remember… the off-limits bathroom!&nbsp;

I stomped my foot as hard as I could without drawing the attention of the people who owned the footsteps, but the cocky idiot didn't notice. I huffed and did what could only be done at a time like this. I took off my shoes and practically leaped forward at high speed, grabbed Valtr by the ankles, and dragged his ass back over to where we were hiding.
The footsteps stopped.

Valtr sneered. "What the hell was that for?! I almost got Branch!"

"You mean Twig," I corrected, my eyes drooping.

"Yeah, that's what I said," the blue haired teen retorted with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

I blinked twice at his stupidity and ran a hand through my hair. Then, a thought hit me. "You know what's strange?"

Valtr sat on the ground cross-legged and cleaned his ears with his pinky, blowing the residue away. "I'm all ears," he joked.

I leaned against the wall and thought for a while. "It's strange that whenever we're over here, the footsteps stop. And then when one of us goes out there, it starts."

Valtr raised a brow and leaned forward. "So you're saying that it's not actual steps, but a kind of sensor-like thing?"

"Precisely," I agreed, "cause you know how those sliding doors have a sensor on top and whenever you go near it, the door opens? Hmm… maybe that's the case here."

Valtr got up, removed his sneakers, and slipped into mine. "Wait for me right here," he said, cracking his neck cockily. "Oh, and I also advise you to cover your ears 'cause shit is about to go… down."

"Huh?" Before I knew it, Valtr ran into the middle of the hallway. As we predicted, the footsteps commenced, but they were roaring in our ears. I covered them as hard as I could but it was futile.

Valtr laughed all high and mighty with his hands at his sides, then sucked his teeth. "My ears… I wonder what's hurting them," he joked again. He slowly turned his head around and eyed small spy camera-like devices in the corners of the walls. "Oh, so that's what it is! Kiss my ass!"

He spread his legs apart and took a deep breath before chanting, "Kirin: Tetsudo Destruction!" A lightning like aura surrounded his body, engulfing him in its grasp. He drew his hands to his side and yelled as a pillar of blue light shot from his palms. He turned on his heel in every direction and obliterated the sensors one by one.&nbsp;

&nbsp;Reaching the last sensor, Valtr sighed in relief as it shattered and dissipated. The blue aura surrounding him faded away as he let his hands fall to his sides. "How's that for a show?" he slurred, picking up Raki's bag and tossing it over to me.&nbsp;

I caught it and set it down next to my feet. Yeah, about that. "Hey, spiky head!" I shouted. Give me back my shoes!"

Valtr gave me a look and sucked his teeth. "Who the hell you calling a spiky head? I swear if it wasn't for me, we would've gotten caught by now. I get no respect in this damn place!"

After switching into our respective shoes, we continued walking through the ominously quiet halls of the first floor.

"The leader's office should probably be around here," Valtr said as we went down an escalator. I nodded absentmindedly and waited for us to reach the end of escalator. As we jogged down a second flight of stairs, I noticed that the back of his neck was sweating profusely and that he was breathing rather heavily.

I stopped walking and my bangs shadowed my face. "Hey," I said.
Valtr turned around. "What now?"

I hesitated for a while and smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry, bro."

"Huh? For what? You didn't do anything."

"I'm sorry for dragging you along in this silly mission. You just wasted a fourth of your energy destroying those sensors, right? You once told me that it takes time for you to recover if you use your energy for non-battle related purposes. My fault."

"You can be such a fucking idiot sometimes, Tokiya!" Something hard whacked me on my head and I looked up to see that Valtr had hit me with his wooden sword. I grimaced as I rubbed my sore spot.

"Ow! What was that for?" I groaned.

"You're an idiot, that's why," the blue haired teen spat back. "You shouldn't be sorry. I don't wanna sound all mushy or anything, but you're my bro. I'd do anything to help you out. It's not like I'm gonna die and shit!" He whacked me again and marched forward with a grin pulling on his lips.

I smirked. I picked up Raki and then followed after him with a lightness to my gait. Hmm, maybe Valtr's not the douche bag that I once thought he was.
A few minutes later, we arrived at a large door encrusted with the golden words, "Dartx: Leader's Office." Valtr nodded and we continued walking to the right until we saw a strange indention in the ground.

"We're here," Valtr said. He pointed to a broken and and chained up door to my left. Wood was peeling off of it, but luckily there was a large opening where we could fit through. The thing was,

"How are we going to break through the barriers?" I asked, setting Raki on the ground after we approached the bathroom.

Valtr crossed his arms and chanted, "Kirin: Akeru!"

The door began to disintegrate to ashes with a destructive force that emanated from Valtr's body. As it came to an end, Valtr suddenly dropped to his knees and began to pant heavily. I raced to his side, helped him to his feet and wiped the sweat off his face with a small tissue I found in my pocket.&nbsp;
'Huh? Oh, that's where it was!'
&nbsp;I thought.&nbsp;
'I've been looking for this tissue ever since last year!'
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